三十多年来,每年十月下旬于香港举行的MEGA SHOW系列展会一直是环球厂商展示最新产品和买家采购“亚洲制造”产品的重要枢纽。第二段Part 2展会系列今年将迈向第18届,续为买家于圣诞和新年来临前呈献一个最后的采购良机,三个专题展区预计汇聚数百家优质参展商,那些未能前来参观Part 1展会的买家可在这里尽享一个额外的采购机会。


  • 广告礼品
  • 工艺及装饰品
  • 宣传赠品
  • 企业礼品
  • 装饰性礼品
  • 电子及科技礼品
  • 纪念品
  • 礼品包装及制品
  • 时尚饰品及服装
  • 个人护理及保健产品
  •   旅游用品类
  • 旅行袋
  • 行李箱
  • 公事包
  • 各类手袋及皮具产品
  • 背包
  • 手提电脑袋
  • 证件袋套及银包
  • 电子装置旅行专用配件
  • 行李牌及带扣
  • 行李箱保护套
  • 儿童旅游用品及装备
  • 旅行颈枕
  •   时尚首饰
  • 时尚首饰
  • 钟表及太阳眼镜
  • 服装配件
  • 腰带及手套
  • 手袋及钱包
  • 小皮革商品
  • 头饰及颈饰
  • 发饰
  • 智能电话外壳及配件
  • 其他生活配件

  • 文具
  • 办公室用品
  • 文具礼品及宣传品
  • 纸品
  • 学校用品
  • 儿童及学前文具
  • 计算机外设设备及配件

  • 淋浴配件
  • 卫浴电器
  • 浴室套装
  • 厨房及浴室纺织用品
  • 婴儿玩具
  • 儿童玩具
  • 压铸 / 机械玩具 及 动作玩偶
  • 教育/益智玩具及游戏
  • 电子玩具
  • 一般杂类产品
  • 户外活动及运动用品
  • 骑坐玩具
  • 玩具零件及配件
  • 派对物品
  • 软身玩具及玩偶
  • 婴儿及育婴产品
  • 其他玩具

Hall Locations

Halls 3F & G

Hear What Buyers Say

Cliton Yorke, Sourcing Consultant

Eclik is a UK-based buying house of gadgets, electric bikes, Bluetooth headphones, iPhone screen protectors and other e-commerce products. On this trip we hope to source trendy gifts, bags and backpacks. MEGA SHOW is a very well-organised trade show where I can easily spot interesting products to update our catalogue. As we source mainly from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and Myanmar, the gathering of Asia-based suppliers under one roof here makes my sourcing time very effective. The whole experience has been promising here.

Cliton Yorke, Sourcing Consultant /Eclik / UK

Paul Frier,
Senior Sourcing and Innovation Specialist

Cape Union Mart
South Africa

We are an outdoor adventure store in South Africa stocking everything from hiking, camping, trail running, mountain biking, snow sports to travel items. I am visiting this Asian Gifts & Travel Goods Show for the first time. I am very pleased to be able to source so many different products, and their quality and design are brilliant. I have established contacts with some prospective suppliers of travel cushions, luggage scales and other travel accessories who meet our requirements. I am glad with what I achieved here.

Paul Frier, Senior Sourcing and Innovation Specialist / Cape Union Mart / South Africa

Stephen Wiggers, Director
BD Asian Sources

Based in the Netherlands, our company is an importer of gifts and premiums mainly from China, Thailand and Vietnam. Having visited the show for over 10 years, I always see it as the ideal place to find new suppliers from Asia and learn about the gift market trends. This year’s show has again presented a good mix of gifts and premiums. I have shortlisted several suppliers offering high quality and reasonable prices. The show’s location and timeslot are definitely a great plus!

Stephen Wiggers, Director / BD Asian Sources / Netherlands