三十多年来,每年十月下旬于香港举行的MEGA SHOW系列展会一直是环球厂商展示最新产品和买家采购“亚洲制造”产品的重要枢纽。今年迈向第30届的首段Part 1展会系列将再度汇聚数千家来自亚洲及世界各地的厂商参展,展示林林种种的礼品、赠品、家品、家居装饰、餐厨用品、生活品味产品、玩具、婴儿用品、圣诞节日用品及运动用品等。全球各地的国际买家无不视这项超巨型展会为他们每年十月到亚洲和华南地区作巡回采购行程其中必到的一站。

- 展品范畴 -


  • 广告赠品 
  • 时尚首饰及配饰
  • 包装制品 
  • 个人电子产品 
  • 推广礼品 
  • 文具, 办公室文仪用品及纸制品 
  • 科技礼品及小配件 
  • 旅行用品及行李箱
  • 保养及个人护理 
  • 其他礼品及赠品


  • 香薰产品 
  • 浴室物品 
  • 花园,亭园, 户外, 阳台及露台用品 
  • 玻璃制品
  • 五金, 自助安装, 家居美化及维修产品 
  • 家用电器 
  • 家居用品
  • 厨房用具 
  • 装饰及室内摆饰
  • 健康护理, 保健及卫生间用品 
  • 竉物用品 
  • 家用纺织品 
  • 储存及展示用品
  • 餐桌用具 


  • 婴儿玩具 
  • 压铸及机械玩具
  • 益智玩具及游戏 
  • 电子玩具 
  • 个人兴趣和收藏产品 
  • 育婴产品 
  • 派对物品 
  • 骑坐玩具 
  • 软身玩具及玩偶 
  • 玩具零件及配件 
  • 其他玩具及婴儿用品


  • 人造花 
  • 气球 
  • 爉烛及香芬 
  • 圣誔树 
  • 节日灯饰
  • 烟花及灯笼
  • 派对用品 
  • 节日装饰
  • 包装纸, 丝带及丝带结 
  • 花环 
  • 其他圣诞及节日用品


  • 球类、球拍及球类运动用品
  • 健身器材及配件
  • 专项运动器材及相关用品
  • 运动服及运动鞋
  • 户外运动及装备
  • 露营及户外用品
  • 运动安全及防护用品
  • 潜水及水上运动用品
  • 其他运动用品及配件


  • 创新科技礼品
  • 原创设计产品
  • 行动装置配件
  • 电脑产品配件
  • 小风扇
  • 智能手表

Hall Locations

Halls 3B-3G & Convention Hall

Hear What Buyers Say

Brian Niemann, Owner
Rushmore Photo & Gifts, Inc.

In business for 75 years, we are one of the largest providers of souvenirs in the Midwest with service areas covering North & South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. I have been visiting MEGA SHOW for over 10 years now. It’s such an important show featuring a huge number of suppliers and vast variety of merchandise. Both the atmosphere and high product quality are great. These keep me returning year after year.

Brian Niemann, Owner / Rushmore Photo & Gifts, Inc. / USA

Ingo Erben, Owner
erben-promotion GmbH

We are an importer always on the lookout for new promotional gifts from China, Taiwan and South Korea. I first visited MEGA SHOW around 5 years ago and have become stuck to it since then! The show is never short of new and inspiring ideas and the products on display are of premium quality. I have spotted more than 10 new suppliers at this year’s show, which is terrific!

Ingo Erben, Owner / erben-promotion GmbH / Germany

Robert Martinelli, CEO
Present Madness Ltd.

Based in London, our company is an importer of all types of giftware. We have been coming to MEGA SHOW for 25 years. I love this show as it’s very organized, professional and provides very good sourcing options. On this trip, I have connected with some new Asian manufacturers who offer good product design and quality. I will certainly return again next year!

Robert Martinelli, CEO / Present Madness Ltd. / U.K.