Comasia Limited (“Comasia”) has recently noted that some unidentified parties have made unauthorised use of Comasia’s name to form phishing email addresses of “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” and have required exhibitors to transfer security deposits and/or participation fees to a bank account not belonged to or not authorised by Comasia.

Below is the content of one of the phishing emails with information of a bank account neither belong to nor authorised by Comasia:

Comasia hereby clarifies that its email domain is “”. Comasia is not the sender of these emails and it has no connection whatsoever with the contents of the abovementioned phishing emails or the abovementioned bank account. Please do not respond to the email from the phishing email addresses, make any bank transfer as stipulated in the phishing email, or provide any personal information to those senders.

Comasia Limited

May 2023

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For over three decades, MEGA SHOW Series has been a proven sourcing platform in Hong Kong every autumn featuring 3,000+ exhibitors from over 30 countries showcasing the latest gifts, premiums, housewares, decorations, toys and a wide range of lifestyle products.
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