2023 Mega Show Part 1 Exhibitor List

Sandbox Industries Limited

A-16 (Hall 1D-E) Hong Kong

Company Background:

Formed in 2004, Sandbox Industries Limited is a multi-category manufacturer specialising in paper goods. Greeting cards, children’s books, stationery and calendars are just some of the products which fall under the capabilities of our factories. We currently have over 20 factories within our portfolio catering solely for our paper based manufactured goods.

We also have developed additional factories in other product categories, specifically Injection Molded Plastic, Plush, Poly Resin, IC Chip and Light and Sound modules to name but a few. Sandbox had built it's presence internationally by partnering with selected customers and working closely with our factory base.

Sandbox can offer our customers the following manufacturing solutions:
•Greeting Cards – Christmas Boxed Cards, Handmade Cards
•Stationery – Diaries, Notebooks, Address Books, Memo Blocks, etc.
•Gift Bags
•Children’s Books
•Book publishing – Traditional case bound product
•Arts and Crafts – Colouring Cases, Paint Sets, Make your Own craft sets
•Creative Accessories – Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Sharpeners, Fibre Tip Pens, Crayons
•Pencil Cases, Back Packs, Swim Bags, etc.
•Composite Gifts
•Polyresin items
•All forms of Plastic including injection mold


Contact Person:Mr. Neil Kwok
Exhibits:Drinkware Set, Character Gift Set, Licensing Premiums & Biodegradable Additive Technology
Nature of Business:Manufacturer

Industry:Gifts & Premiums
Household Products

Product Categories:Mugs

Major Export Market:Worldwide

Certifications & Awards: 
OEM Services:No
Factory Locations:
Established Year:
Annual Turnover:USD$ < 50,000
Go Green Ideas & Practices:No
Go Green Products:No
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