2023 Mega Show Part 1 Exhibitor List

Guangzhou Ganyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Mainland China

Company Background:

Guangzhou Ganyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (GAN Cube), founded in 2014 by Mr. Jiang Ganyuan, China's first Speed Cubing Champion. GAN Cube develop, design, manufacture and market speedcube products, it is an emerging technology-based enterprise with invention patents. GAN Cube introduced a wide range of product lines including smart series, magnetic series, light series and special series, includes GAN356, GAN356Air, GAN249 and other boutique products, leading the formation of a speedcube ecosystem. At the same time, the company established the GAN Gurus team, includes the world's top three speedcube players Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park and Philipp Weyer. GAN Cube also sponsored the 2017 WCA China 10th Anniversary Rubik's Cube, 2018 Red Bull World Championships, dedicated to promoting the development of the global speedcubing racing. In 2019, GAN Cube officially laid out the field of intelligent technology, developed a series of revolutionary products such as the GAN356 i smart cube, Cube Station APP, GAN ROBOT, etc. Through the deep integration of software and hardware, the company built a brand new online promotion and competitive platform. The platform integrates core functions such as big data record analysis, personal online training, global online battle, and intelligent virtual cube. It can not only help cubers to build a private database, but also analyze various racing data, so as to improve the targeted training; It also realizes the online battle of the global cubers, helping them to play at any time and anywhere, and enjoy the fun of intelligent racing. In the future, the company will continue to make great strides toward the filed of intelligent intelligence, creating intelligent hardware, IoT devices, consumer robots, AI teaching, AR, image recognition, motion and control algorithms, communication protocols, big data analysis, App and other sets of speedcube industry integrated ecological chain to explore the infinite possibilities of speedcube racing.


Contact Person:Ms. Huang
Nature of Business:Manufacturer

Industry:Electronics & Electrical Appliances
Toys & Games

Product Categories:Electronic Toys & Games
Hobby Items
Puzzles, Board & Card Games

Major Export Market:Australasia
Central and South America
China (Mainland)
Eastern Europe
Hong Kong
North America
Other Asian Countries
South East Asia
West Europe

Certifications & Awards: 
OEM Services:No
Factory Locations:
Established Year:
Annual Turnover:N/A
Go Green Ideas & Practices:Yes
Go Green Products:Yes
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